Time Control - Anti Aging
Time Control RetiNight Essence

The unique ingredient combination helps to reduce deep wrinkles and makes the skin appear smoother and firmer. With the combination of vitamin A and the ingredient Vitanol® BIO, TIME CONTROL RetiNight Essence reduces wrinkle depth (by 26%) and wrinkle volume (by 11%). The elasticity of the skin is improved by 18%.* Additional moisture factors and peptides increase the skin’s water content and support its own repair processes. For a smooth, younger looking skin.

30 ml

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Application: Apply evenings to face, neck and cleavage after cleansing. Afterwards apply night cream.

Effective ingredients:

Vitanol®BIO: „Vitamin A-like“, collagen-promoting, smoothing
Vitamin A Palmitate: smoothing, firming, cell-regenerating
Aquaxyl™: moisture-binding and moisturizing, restructuring
Matrixyl™ 3000: stimulating the collagen synthesis, firming, improving the elasticity

*4-week clinical study according to GCP guidelines 20 test persons at the age of 50 to 65 years, approved by a German university institute

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