Black Clearing Mask

Black cleansing mask for impure skin with activated carbon, Kaolin and Sebuless™ helps to reduce gloss and inflammations. It helps to remove blemishes, prevent the formation of impurities and deeply clear the skin. Thanks to activated carbon, the new black mask releases the pores from dirt, sebum and dead skin particles and thus provides a clear and matt skin appearance. 

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75 ml

Application: Apply generously to face, neck and cleavage after cleansing. Remove with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

Effective ingredients:
Bamboo Charcoal Powder
: cleansing, pollutants- and toxin-absorbing
Sebuless™: sebum-reducing, anti-inflammatory
Kaolin: matting, sebum-absorbing
Salicylic acid: keratolytic, anti-inflammatory